Timeless Piece Hoop Earrings

Since time immemorial, jewelry has been indispensable in people's lives. Although it is more commonly associated with women, it is also of great importance for men. Let's spend some time traveling together. In this jewelry adventure based on ancient Egypt, it is known that jewelry symbolizes power, rank and power. Earrings in particular have been representative litmus of social status. However, the emancipation of wearing earrings for women began only as of the Renaissance period. Although today it does not contain definite lines as in the past, jewelry is still a symbolic expression of a stronger appearance. In fact, hoop earrings have been the representation of power among black women in the Black Power movement. As in all these times, in fact, the jewelry we wear, the clothes we wear are the messages we give to our environment. Hoop earrings, which are indispensable and always a trend in the jewelry world, are one of the pioneers of timeless elegance.

How Can We Combine Hoop Earrings?

Hoop earrings are like a wildcard element of elegance. It is a piece that you can capture both daytime elegance and night elegance. A large hoop earring worn with a strapless dress will help you complete your evening elegance, while capturing a sports chic style with small hoop earrings worn with a white T-shirt and jeans. When you prefer large hoop earrings, it will be more pleasant to use accessories such as rings and watches instead of necklaces. Choosing small hoop earrings with a formal and simple combination will add a simple elegance. If you also have more than one hole in your ear, you can wear hoop earrings sequentially. The way we look at it, hoop earrings are not an accessory with strict rules, on the contrary, they are a piece with a wide range of combinations.

So Which Hoop Earring Should We Wear According to Face Shape?

People with a round face may prefer small hoop earrings instead of large hoop earrings. People with a long facial structure, on the other hand, may prefer large hoop earrings.

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November 14, 2022
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