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Women's Jewelry: Necklace


There are various types of necklaces by changing the mineral materials. There are many necklace options whose mineral material is diamond, gold or silver. Especially since it is preferred by women, the real owners of necklaces in the jewelry world are women. The elegant necklace worn around the neck adds beauty to the unique beauty of the woman. 


What Should Be Considered When Buying a Necklace? 


The most important problem here is the mine of the necklace you want to buy. So if you want to buy a diamond necklace, it should be very careful that the diamond card is real. When you want to buy a gold necklace, you should see the 585 carat inscription if you have made a 14 carat purchase in the key section where your necklace is worn. 
When you buy silver necklaces, you should also check the 925 carat inscription.


Gold Plated Silver Necklaces 


Silver is a precious metal, just like gold. Especially recently, each of our mines has a different value. Our mines, which are under the ground, undergo many manual labor processes until they come to us as jewelry. As Odda75, we design our products meticulously and completely by hand in every stage of many processes. Especially our jewelry designed with inspiration from the Ottoman culture, you can see the modern lines of both the past and the present in our jewelry. Our necklace models, which are one of the types of jewelry we design, are drawn by our designers considering every detail with unique drawings. In our workshops located in the Grand Bazaar, the century-old spirit of the Grand Bazaar is produced by hand craftsmanship for days to feel in our necklaces. Based on this, we will say that each of our teams is uniquely produced and processed for days by passing through skillful hands without fabricated production and decorating the hands or necks of our valued customers. The only product we have designed is unique, as if it were produced for a single person. Of course, the most beautiful are our women, we, as the ODDA75 family, only want to add sparkle to their beauty and want them to shine with our jewelry designed with love.

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