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History of Bracelets


Bracelets are from 3000 BC years. It is perhaps the first variant of the world of jewelry and jewelry, which is assumed to have been since the. Bracelets, which are thought to have been produced from glass for the first time, are the rarest and most preferred variety of the modern jewelry world dating from the Hittites and Urartians to the present day.


Bracelet Models


Bracelets are divided according to the type of metal used, or rather produced, as in other jewelry. Nowadays, gold bracelets are the most preferred by our women. the mineral ratio used in bracelets according to the gold setting, whether it is 22 carat, 18 carat or 14 carat, models the bracelet. The most valuable bracelet model is gold bracelets. This is followed by diamond bracelets and silver bracelets. Our diamond bracelets are especially preferred when they are intended to be used as ornaments. Diamond bracelets should not be preferred for investment purchases. Because when you want to be sold, the loss of value is too high because the labor rate is too high. Diamond bracelets decorated with precious stones are decorated with emeralds, rubies and diamond stones and crown the arms of our women. If you want to choose a bracelet model that does not hurt when selling, you should buy 22 carat gold bracelets. The other bracelet model is the silver bracelet models. Silver bracelets, on the other hand, are produced as 925 carat. The most advantageous aspect of silver bracelets is that they are sold at a more affordable price compared to other gold and diamond bracelet models. Bracelet models made with silver, which is a precious metal, have also taken their place in the world of jewelry.


Gold Plated Silver Bracelets


Silver bracelets, which are more preferred than gold and diamond bracelets, are indispensable for women because they are both suitable and have more varieties. As the Odda75 brand, our gold plated silver necklaces embody the mystical values of the past from their designs. The eye-catching combinations will be with you when you wear them with our bracelets, which are completely handcrafted. The stones used in our bracelets are high quality svarowski stones. We are sure that our handcuff bracelets, which adapt to every wrist size, will be indispensable among your jewelry, especially our handcuff model bracelets Dec. The desire of every woman is to be unique. She is unique and dazzling with the clothes she wears, the bag she uses and the jewelry she wears... As Odda75 family, we know that you will be eye-catching in every design bracelet we produce. Our products are unique and completely handcrafted by skillful hands. Your combinations with our jewelry that will decorate your arms will be unique, your elegance will be perfect as always.

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