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Spiritual Treasure: The Ring


Rings, which also have many spiritual meanings, are one of the accessories used by mankind for many years. Wedding rings representing eternity and love, rings that sultans also use as seals representing their power and sovereignty, as well as rings that are believed to have a special bond with the wearer, believed to be healing and integrative, such as this accessory, which has many meanings, has created its own story in every body throughout history. Odda75 rings are designed to reflect the mystical atmosphere of the past to you and to create new memories with you.


Ring Models


There are many types of ring models. Joint rings, adjustable rings sometimes there are ring models that vary according to the type and cut of the stone.


Gold Plated Silver Rings


Silver rings are very preferred. Rings are perhaps the first accessories that people will pay attention to because our hands are always in the foreground. He is always in front of us while eating, talking to the other person, or talking on the phone. Therefore, gold plated silver rings will always be a very attractive choice that you can choose.


Do Gold-Plated Silver Rings Darken?


Silver earrings with a good coating and stored in favorable conditions retain their shine for a long time.


What Are Women's Ring Models?


Rings have been a very important accessory for both men and women in every period. Sometimes it is a representation of a promise made to each other, sometimes it reflects its own story, its own self. If we give examples of ring models, pearl rings, stone rings, joint rings are among the women's ring models. Dec. As Odda75, we have realized that each ring model has a soul while designing and that these souls will find a body thanks to you.


How to Get the Ring Size?


By placing a ring that you have used on a ruler, meter or tape measure, you can find out your ring size suitable for your finger from the inner diameter of your ring. Another method is to take a piece of thread and wrap it so that the two ends of your finger meet. Then you can find out the circumference of your finger by placing the marked measure of the rope on the ruler or meter.

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