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The Most Senior Member in History: Earrings


Earrings have always been an indispensable accessory throughout history. First seen in Egypt, it was later seen in Babylonian and Asian civilizations. There have been meanings attributed to earrings by every period and every civilization. Sometimes men have been the subject of tables for rank and sometimes as an indicator of bondage. Earrings, the history of which dates back quite a long time, have become an indispensable accessory for women over time. Sometimes it has been the complement of a stylish dress and sometimes a shabby outfit.  You will feel special with Odda75's completely handmade earring models inspired by the east and the past.


Earring Models


Earring models have a fairly wide range. Enamel earrings, ring earrings, pearl earrings, chain earrings, dangly earrings, single earrings, ball earrings, filigree earrings, stone earrings, silver earrings, gold earrings, diamond earrings and earcuff earring models there are many varieties such as.


Enamel Earrings


It is one of the most preferred earring models recently. Especially with its wide color options, it adds a stylish and fun atmosphere in the summer.


Ring Earrings


Perhaps one of the most preferred models, hoop earrings are an illusionist earring model that can adapt to any outfit, if you want, you can catch a stylish or sporty mood.


Pearl Earrings


Pearls, which were also Princess Diana's favorite jewelry, are noble and strong, although they have an elegant appearance. Pearl earrings will also help you create both an elegant and assertive style with a colorful soft suit or a dress that you will wear in pastel tones.


Earrings With Stones


Earrings with stones are one of the most frequently preferred models. Earrings with colored stones or earrings with a combination of single-Decked stones are among the trends of the season.


Single Earrings


The only earrings that we have seen a lot lately are sometimes worn alone and sometimes worn together with a different model earring. As a concrete reflection of a different and free style, it takes its place among the trends of the season.


Filigree Earrings


Filigree, which is the art of wire processing, is a fine hand-made art that is processed with small and nature motifs. Filigree earrings carry both a special and mystical air.


Earcuff Earrings


Earcuff earring model is an accessory that has original designs without piercing the ear and you can get a very stylish image.


Dangling and Chain Earrings


When used with more bulk hair, they are a model that shows itself and it is inevitable to get a stylish look.


Gold Plated Silver Earrings


Silver, which is a precious metal, is highly preferred by women because it is more economical than gold. A spectacular image, thanks to its anti-allergic structure, you can wear silver earrings with peace of mind. It is nickel plating that causes an allergic reaction, and nickel plating is not used in any of the Odda75 handmade earrings. You can combine silver earrings in any style model according to your own style.


Do Gold-Plated Silver Earrings Darken?


Silver earrings with a good coating and stored in favorable conditions retain their shine for a long time.


Gold Earrings


Gold earrings are always preferred, sometimes left to the next generation, who is seen as a bad day friend at the time. In fact, there is a story that gold creates for every person. Not only financially, but also spiritually, its value is quite high.

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