The Place of Jewelry in the Ottoman Empire

The Ottoman Empire is an empire that has ruled three continents for centuries. In this empire, which dominates three continents, magnificent jewels have been at the forefront as a representation of power. Although they were in favor of simplicity in the first years of its establishment, the Ottoman Empire, which expanded and became difficult, especially in the 16th century. by the century, they have reached the highest points in the art of jewelry making. After the conquest of Istanbul and the construction of Topkapi Palace, the state treasury has always been found here. Jewelry is the most sophisticated form that shows us all the art styles of each era and is almost an example of a living history. Thrones, bowls, weapons, crowns, canteens, Qur'an and book containers, candlesticks decorated with precious stones constitute the Ottoman palace jewels. It seems that roses, tulips, hyacinths and carnations are used as the most popular motifs in jewelry. Not only jewelry, but also in other branches of art, these are often seen. Stones were brought from various places for accessories. Diamonds were brought from India, emeralds from Egypt, pearls from Yemen, and najaf was brought from Iran. Since emerald and najaf were supplied from within the empire, they were used in Ottoman jewelry in abundance.

The most magnificent jewelry and jewelry are prepared for the sultans of the period. In addition, jewelry is also indispensable for statesmen and Ottoman court women. Among the jewels in which nobility and Decency are at the forefront, thrones are the most important for sultans. Because it emphasizes the power of the reign. Another important accessory was the crests. Sultans did not appear before the public without wearing a crest during Friday prayers. It is observed that both the horse and the jewelry were used to give a magnificent image on the horse during the ceremonies before and after the expeditions. Jewelry was seen as an indicator of the power of power.

Much importance was attached to jewelry in the Ottoman Empire. Georgian and Circassian jewelers were brought from Khorasan, Tabriz, Bosnia, different regions of the Balkans. The most important part that distinguishes European jewelry from Ottoman jewelry is that they create their own unique style by shaping the metal according to the existing stone without changing the shape of the stone. It is known that Yavuz Sultan Selim and Suleiman the Magnificent received trainings on jewelry making. In the Ottoman Empire, jewelry was kept very much in the foreground as an indicator of status in the harem. The most spectacular jewels were those of the Valide Sultan. Ottoman court women used accessories such as necklaces, earrings, anklets, belts, buckles, brooches, bracelets, crests and khotoz. The most important accessory was the hotoses. They wore hotoses decorated with various stones to show that they were courtiers. Earrings also had an important place in the palace, they were usually made with stones such as pearls, rubies, emeralds, and revealed the beauty of a woman's neck. It was used a lot in necklaces. They would hang gold coins on the ends of gold and silver necklaces, which would show that they were courtiers and rich in a magnificent way.

The place of gifting in the Ottoman palace tradition is quite significant. Valide Turhan Sultan son IV. He presented Mehmed with a dagger with figures made of precious stones and enamel. The Ruler of Iran presented a throne with an enamel pearl as a symbol of peace. Safiye Sultan and I. It is also known that there were frequent gifts between Elizabeth. Dec.

It is possible to see the splendor and ostentation all over the palace. It is known that precious metals were used, from candlesticks to food containers. Since the Ottoman Empire has a multicultural structure, situations such as its historical and social structure have shaped the jewelry culture in a unique way.

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September 07, 2022
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