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A yellow wooden shop in the Grand Bazaar, family heirloom ruby rings, Bosniak women with precious jewelry... Founded on the side of Merve Bahçenli with the desire to carry her cultural heritage to the present day, ODDA 75 tells stories from the Yugoslav lands and the Ottoman Palace about a passion that was born in the heart of a child in the Sandal Bedesten and developed by hiding for years.


The feminine and stylish women of the palace with their always shining jewels are the personas who have an Orientalist aura brought about by their dignified postures in these stories, who are aware of themselves and their power, and are also extremely open to innovation. While they always remember their past, their faces, which are looking forward to what they are waiting for with excitement, are always filled with the determination of those who are in trouble of achieving something for themselves. Although they are surrounded by silk carpets, antiques and gold leaf, they are planning their steps delicately, which they could not even imagine to be independent of place and time. Each of them turns into their own unique craftsmen while performing the art of finding the balance between what they wear and what they wear in the best Decency. Whether precious or semi-precious, they find stones that are good for them and crown their souls. That is why the unique pieces produced in the Grand Bazaar are very suitable for their world dominated by gold and colored stones. Her jewelry, inspired by the lands of the Orient, is renewed without losing its essence as the seasons change. With the power of being a classic, the pieces that stand confident turn into a form of expression for these real women who carry them.


ODDA 75 underlines what is indispensable based on spiritual ties, those who leave lasting traces in our memories. It celebrates Ottoman culture and Oriental jewelry in a modern and sparkling way. All the excitement is based on discovering and reinterpreting the hidden gems of the past one by one. The path is long, but bright. Because "the light rises from the east”.

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